This Has Had a Pronounced Impact on Runescape Game's Design

This Has Had a Pronounced Impact on Runescape Game's Design



It's unfortunately quite common to get fairly large gaps in RuneScape Gold games life where there just isnt alot of articles being published. I really had to check the upgrade list to see what came out last year besides the M/S rework along with Anachronia since I genuinely couldnt remember anything else. Jagex had a mental health awareness week... during the time that they were catching flak from parliment about letting children to gamble understandably the irony wasn't lost on the RuneScape player base. We've gotten about of the quests in the past 2 years we got in the 2. Because the start of 4 and 2018 of these have been newcomer there have been 8 quests. In the previous 2 year stretch we got 14, of which 2 were novice. Personally I was never huge on quests but I know a few people who are and are disappointed.

The list just goes on. It seems every upgrade gets delayed no matter the instance. The Archeology Skill was delayed and we dont actually have an ETA on it, even though warden claiming.

I appreciate this list which you created, it does give points to some great comparison. I have to say that the irony of mental health week and treasure Hunter does give me a nod. I definitely don't expect perfection from Jagex or any company because the best interests of a business do not necessarily line up with the users of whatever product, but I really do hope for advancement. It seems like they have not actually improved on matters I thought needed improvement (mainly talking mtx and treasure hunter versus every other portion of RuneScape game). The mining and smithing rework certainly peaks my attention because that was the hub hub when I stopped playing.

Jagex is doing nicely. Subscriptions were at an all-time high last year - although most of this is due to Old School. An important (I think around a third) of their earnings comes from microtransactions, which can be most heavily existing in RS3, and the overall sentiment about them (from RuneScape gamers ) is negative. Given RS3 playercount, this would indicate some big spenders's propping up it. It is my suspicion that this has had a pronounced impact on RuneScape game's design. Updates pertaining to sport endurance or Old School Runescape Gold  playerbase growth don't result in a commensurate return.