Rather Than Rolling the Stick Like the 2ku Suggests

Rather Than Rolling the Stick Like the 2ku Suggests



What if the centre is strong, does not let backdown and can defend well? Got a move for this too. Rather than rolling the stick like the NBA 2K Coins   suggests, you want to just hold up on the left rod and let go of the post up animations and it is a whole lot faster and works better against deeper defender. Either go up with it As soon as you get them around, reverse layup, or pump fake and take the easy 2. This movement is reinforced by post spin technician, Dream Shake and either consistent finisher or pro touch based on the timing.

Yea so I am making a C build for the 1st time on 2K, want to know which characteristics are coming to play and when as a center. When is the shot will be considered as a close shot vs layup or when may it be a combination of both? Same question but in regards to standing dip and dip that is driving? How low might your free throw percent get at worst, like if I were to have a totally free throw evaluation at about 50? I would be ok with a free throw percent above 60 percent and I would be able to live with it over 50 I guess at C with no shooting construct but idk.l anything below could be unacceptable.though.

When shooting at the article or round the paint is and are those shots getting contested if you are 7 foot two? Wondering if your layup score were to be next to nothing will you miss uncontested layups? Does strength bodily actually go greater than 99 unseen or are you wasting some juice when it's not able to go higher? Enjoy us it best to have it to strike 99 right when you get up your pick weight for the construct? How frequently is the perimeter defense likely to be getting contested in park or rec and what does this score apply to in those scenarios? Is it largely for affective?

I've noticed on other builds my heartbeat score in addition to my pass precision rating doesn't appear to matter much at all as far as becoming steals or turning the ball over, what minimal score would you set those to succeed enough rather than a liability? I've a PF and he's throwing dimes and threading needles outside out there for no good reason because I have next to nothing put toward playmaking attributes. Wondering if it might be different with a center + 7 foot, can I still chuck it up court this way with apparently no danger as my PF does? Which one site is the best NBA 2K20 gold shop?  nba2king.com is a good place, or you can click Buy MT 2K20 ,waiting for u!