I believe that this would also benefit 2k

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Crossplay!!! I mainly play the Change, but have the game for your PS4. The version is great when it comes to online. Not only are the servers poor, such as on any console... But it is hard to locate matches, sometimes you go to the Park and wind up being the only person there. Also there's no voice conversation. . Yes, you may blame Nintendo for having to utilize a program that is dumb. But the app doesn't work for NBA 2K MT Coins. And please eliminate records at the playground. It is bad enough people don't wanna play with me cuz my entire (81 btw), but my record is awful because ball-hogging teammates that want be Curry. And I can't call them out on it since NO VOICE CHAT!

I mostly play myteam reason I feel that the park is just one of the worst facets of this game.tiered gameplay options. I personally don't want to play against opals and pink diamonds, so there should be an infinite mode for each tier, and if you win a certain number of games you get a player from the grade above (change them monthly or have an amethyst player pack as the reward for your Ruby tier for example), this could reward players for playing the sport without even punishing people who do not wish to spend money on packs. Lower teams that are tiered would also open up to make the game at precisely the exact same time encourage gamers to expand their player collection and more varied whilst keeping them aggressive. Each grade might have there have leaderboard.

Eliminate to change settings that are offensive and defensive , maybe even the ability to choose the exact play that's called. The mix of player chosen should controls this, coach selected and playbook. I think that this will result in all sorts of team builds for play styles. The issue with 2k for decades has been play the META or shed. We should not have to alter each time we are loading in to a match although this should be self explanatory but.

Keep place locks, but make it more rigid. I believe that the example of this I could find is 2k seem to provide a place based on elevation to players. This should be based off what the players really have played. A good instance of this could be a younger durant may play SF and SG however he wouldn't be too elite as a prime durant who'd play with SF or PF. He would not be although a PG giannis could be released by them. That's it. Game style fixed. Non of these would require any match engine modifications since they are just easy limitations. I believe that this would also benefit 2k since they would be able to discharge more cards, including multiple cards of the identical player with either a different tier or position.

I'll apologize now bcuz I'm sure it's been brought up but it's among the most infuriating game mechanisms and for me personally have been destroying the game for me for years now but we need complete control over whether we go up for a dunk or a layup. Nothing other than controller is unacceptable. Obviously if you're exceptionally short than there ought to be a cut off for having the ability to dip and maybe if you are just a bad dunker than that I could live with how the system is now but when I'm a pure slasher buy mt, which I usually make one annually bcuz they was how I'd have fun and get a rest from just shooting 3s before the past couple years, but I shouldn't not know what my participant is gonna go for when I go to get a dip.